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Ministry Houses

We are a new Order. We're just getting started.  With that said, Ministry Houses are (will be) led by our Third Order Members. They are our primary way to partner locally, with other Spirit filled Christians, in promoting generational revival and harvest, and introducing people to the power and gifts of The Holy Spirit. Ministry Houses will most likely be located in a local home, but could easily meet in a HOA clubhouse, or any other accessible location.

Missional Purpose

Ministry Houses primarily meet to advance the mission of our order to foster a: "New Movement of Charismatic, Evangelical, and Sacramental Jesus People Promoting Generational Revival and Serving in the Power and Gifts of The Holy Spirit."


In this sense, the purpose of Ministry Houses are to organize, plan, and engage in local ministry projects related to promoting generational revival, evangelism,  and equipping and impartation in/of The Spirit's power and gifts.

Ministry Houses are not intended to replace, or duplicate, the weekly Bible study/sunday school ministries and weekly worship services of local churches. The end result of Ministry House ministry is to help strengthen local churches.  On occasion, Ministry Houses may meet for the specific purpose of worship and fellowshipping together.

Membership & Leadership

Every person who regularly participates in a Ministry House will be invited to become a Third Order Member of The Missioners of The Holy Spirit. However, being a Third Order Member is not required of Ministry House participants.

Ministry Houses are (will be) organized and facilitated by a local "Ministry House Coordinator" who is appointed by the bishop of our Order. The Ministry House Coordinator will be a Third Order Member.

Contact Bp. Jon to explore starting a Missioners of The Holy Spirit Ministry House in your local area. He would be glad to help you get a Ministry House started. 

Types of Ministry

Ministry Houses meet as often as needed to accomplish their specific ministry project(s). However, it is generally recommended that they meet no less than quarterly and no more than monthly.

Some groups may be focused on healing.  Others may be led to focus on Holy Spirit power evangelism. There are many possibilities.

By their very nature, Ministry Houses are missional.  Most meetings will have a Holy Spirit focused outreach as its objective. In this sense, Ministry Houses are either: 1. Inviting new people to come to the Ministry House to experience the power and charisms of The Holy Spirit, and/or equipping believers to operate in the power and gifts of The Holy Spirit or 2. Planning and mobilizing to bring (or bringing) the Holy Spirit's power and ministry to another location, or to another group, in the local community.

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