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Our Rhythm

of Spiritual Life

Join us in Our Rhythm of Spiritual Life as we walk the path of the ancient Church, through the power of The Holy Spirit, leading us into generational revival and the glory of Jesus Christ


Spiritual Habits of Our Community Life

Just as we wear the habit of the Holy Spirit Celtic Cross; we also practice "Spiritual Habits". The following are some of our spiritual habits:

The Habit of Prayer

There are seven traditional hours of prayer. Members of our Order observe morning and evening prayers. During evening prayer, our members are encouraged to use the Venite App. They are also encouraged to share prayer thanksgivings and petitions with fellow members of our Order.

The Habit of Regular Gatherings

Gathering together for koinonia, prayer, and worship is part of being a community.  So, we regularly gather together in both physical and online locations to encourage each other in the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the koinonia of The Holy Spirit

The Habit of Weekly Eucharist

Members of our order are encouraged to receive Holy Communion every week. Members are also welcome, but not required, to participate in the Rite of Reconciliation (confession), at least once a year.

The Habit of Being Filled with The Holy Spirit

We must be filled with the Spirit! However, we must never become presumptuous regarding The Spirit's authority and power in our ministries. Power comes as we wait on and receive the Holy Spirit.  Authority comes as we go in intimacy through close and careful listening to The Spirit of God.

The Habit of Humility

Ministering in the power and gifts of The Holy Spirit is not a sign of Christian maturity.  Therefore, we are ever conscious that our ministries must be characterized by humility, rather than pride. Any "signs and wonders" we do are signs of God's loving grace and wonders of the glory and goodness of our Lord.

The Holy Spirit Celtic Cross Pendant is the "Habit" of our Order

Members of Christian religious orders have traditionally worn a distinguishing habit (clothing or necklace).  The habit of The Order of Missioners of The Holy Spirit is a pectoral Holy Spirit Celtic Cross necklace.  Members are encouraged to wear it whenever appropriate and at all gatherings of our order. The one pictured here is only an example.  Our members are welcome to personalize their pendant to their desired material and style.

Prayer Resources


Dr. Mark Virkler has excellent and comprehensive resources on prayer and intimate communion with God.

The Venite Prayer App
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