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The Third Order


Our Third Order Members are ecumenical. They remain an active part of their local churches and denominations. So, The Third Order functions like an interdenomational, para-church, ministry for our Third Order Members.

Thank You for Your Interest in Joining Our Religious Order

A religious order may have three types of members (orders): clergy, monks, and laity. Laity are Third Order Members. The priority of The Missioners of The Holy Spirit is connecting with Third Order Members.

Connecting with Third Order Members is a priority of our Order because we believe that the Lord wants to release grassroots generational harvest and revival through, Spirit filled, ordinary believers.

Be the First to Start a Ministry House in Your Area.

Join as a husband and wife team.  Join as an entire family.  Join as a college chapter. Join as an outreach to the military.  There are many possibilities. 

Third Order Members are also welcome to partner and serve with Bp. Jon in our various Ministries 

"We are an apostolic (missional), Spirit filled, religious order.  As Third Order Members, we are welcome to wear the religious habit of our Order- a Holy Spirit Pectoral Cross, and participate in the the mission and ministry of our Order through Spirit filled ministry and service to our local communities."


"We are ordinary people who have jobs as such as bus drivers, teachers, nurses, tech workers, stay at home moms, students, retired, etc. Our calling is to serve in the power and gifts of The Holy Spirit for grassroots generational harvest and revival, all the while balancing our community and family life."

A Few Reasons to Become a Third Order Member

Partner with Others Who Share Your Spirit Filled Passion for Generational Revival

Ministry Houses:

Stay anchored in your home church; while also partnering with other local Christians in Spirit filled ministry. You might be the first in your area to start a Ministry House of our Order.

You will also have the opportunity to minister with Bp. Jon, or other leaders of our Order, at various ministry events, or invite Bp. Jon to come for short term ministry- with you- in your local area.

Receive Connection, Encouragement, and Support from Christian Leaders Who Understand Your Spiritual DNA and Calling

Mentorship and Training Available from Bp. Jon or other leaders of our Order

Regular Online Gatherings

Annual Convocations of Our Order

Ministry Events

Connection with a Sacramental, Charismatic,  and Evangelical Religious Order of The Church

We are a religious order of the "One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church" (words of the Nicene Creed). Our bishop has been ordained and consecrated in historic apostolic succession.  Like the early Church, we naturally move in supernatural ministry. We are Sacramental, Charismatic, and Evangelical.

All biblically orthodox, Spirit filled, Christians are welcome to join our Order.

Are You Ready?

The RIVER is Flowing

"Do you feel the darkness tremble
When all the saints join in one song
And all the streams flow as one river
To wash away our brokenness"

Did You Feel The Mountains Tremble by Martin Smith

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